Group exhibition in Photo City
Contest open
25 January 2019
10:59 PM


The Censored Exhibition seeks to present a contemporary selection of international fine art photography based on an open call. Approximately 50 works will be selected by an international independent jury, consisting of a visual artist, a critic and a curator, and exhibited in Photo City during Copenhagen Photo Festival June 6-16 2019. The exhibition is part of one of the festival's three main programmes, Framing Vision, which focuses on the aesthetics and techniques of photographic expression.

This year's jury is Balder Olrik, art critic and visual artists, Elisa Medde, Managing Editor at Foam Magazine, and Claire Gould, curator at Helsinki Art Museum HAM.

What exhibitors receive

  • An exhibition space in the heart of the festival in Copenhagen's new cultural district

  • A chance to be promoted through the festival channels, both digitally and in print

  • A chance to participate in our portfolio reviews for half the price

  • An invitation to participate in our networking dinner and programme

  • The chance to become part of an international community of photographers

  • The chance to have your works sold at auction on the final day

As selected photographer for The Censored Exhibition your work will be exhibited at Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019 (6-16 June). The exhibition is located in Photo City - which is the heart of the festival. Photo City is located at Refshaleøen. This part of Copenhagen has in the past few years undergone huge changes, from housing the shipyard B&W to hosting concerts, festivals and exhibitions today. Tourists from all over the world is drawn to Refshaleøens food market, gourmet restaurants and contemporary art center, Copenhagen Contemporary.

The selected photographers also get the chance to sell their work at a special auction event. Copenhagen Photo Festival collaborates with the recognized Danish auction house Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers on an auction in Photo City on the last day of the festival. This is 100% voluntary to participate in. The auction is open online at throughout the festival period (June 6-16), and the online bids will then be transferred from the homepage to a live auction on the last day of the festival. The auction focuses on the many qualities of photographic art and gives old as well as new art collectors the opportunity to acquire contemporary handpicked photographic art, whilst shedding light on new emerging art photography.

The festival aims to promote the photographers exhibited to a broad, dedicated audience as well as critics and curators. This is done through guided tours as well as online promotions and invitations to curators, gallerists etc. from all over the world. Many of the photographers who have been selected previously are recognized today, and we also encourage all selected photographers to visit the festival and become part of the community surrounding the festival. All selected photographers will be invited to a networking dinner as well as other events together with other exhibitors, curators and juror members. This is a unique opportunity to become part of a community and expand your network, not only within Denmark, but also to the rest of the world.

It was a great honor to have my work selected for the Censored Exhibition, and even more exciting to attend the festival and see the other works in person. In addition to meeting fellow artists and viewing fascinating exhibitions in unconventional venues, we were treated to a wonderful evening of fellowship with the organizers and jurors. (Walker Pickering, exhibitor in 2018)

Last year's photographers and visual artists: Angelika Wienerroither (AT) - Aristotle Roufanis (EL) - Dan Frisk Petersen (DK) - Elena Kristofor (AT) - Fabiola Cedillo (EC) - Fatemeh Baigmoradi (IR/US) - Hana Sackler (US/DE) - Hannah Woolf (DE/ES) - Hyejeong Yoo (KR/DE) - Irina Kholodna (DE) - Jacob Cook (GB) - Laurence Kubski (CH) - Maria Mäki (FI/SE) - Matthew Arnold (US) - Mette Ovgaard (DK) - Michaela Maier (DE) - monotoomono (DE) - Nicole Gadiel (DK) - Peter Ydeen (US) - Rogério Vieira (BR) - Sára Erzsébet Timár (HU) - Simon Riemer (DE) - Vincenzo Pagliuca (IT) - Walker Pickering (US)


Call for entries open
1 January 2019
Submission deadline
25 January 2019
Winner announcement
1 March 2019
Exhibition opens in Photo City
6 June 2019
Exhibition End
16 June 2019



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Balder Olrik: Visual artist. Balder Olrik was born into a family of scientists in Copenhagen. He entered the Royal Academy of Art at the age of 16 in 1982 and worked as a painter for 16 years, exhibiting numerous times, in both Europe and USA. Then followed a break of 16 years where he mainly investigated the human behaviour and psychology in online environments and made several companies, working in this field. Balder Olrik now works as an art photographer and art critic.

Elisa Medde: Managing Editor, Foam International Photography Magazine. After studying History of Art, with majors in Iconology, History of Contemporary Art and History of Photography, Elisa worked for various cultural institutions, publishing houses and non-profit organisations as a project and research coordinator as well as an independent curator. Her academic research reflects on the relations between image and power, particularly in the context of contemporary photography.

Claire Gould: Curator, Helsinki Art Museum HAM. Claire Gould grew up in the UK where she studied a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Newcastle University. For the last two decades years has been working and studying in Germany and Finland, completing both a Masters diploma in Economics from the Technische Universität, Hamburg, and a Masters in Arts Management from the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki. Since 2005, Claire has been a Curator at Helsinki Art Museum (HAM), curating group and solo exhibitions of Finnish and international artists, the most recent being a large solo exhibition by Gilbert & George (2018).


What kind of pictures are you looking for at The Censored Exhibition?

The Censored Exhibitions presents fine art photography. The works chosen to be exhibited is chosen by our jury, who -- given their different backgrounds -- might look for different things. The works chosen are also to be exhibited together, which means they will have to fit some form of overall exhibition profile chosen by the jury during the selection.

How many images can I submit?

You can submit max. 10 images, either as one project or as 10 individual works.

Is it possible to apply more than once?

No, it is only possible to apply once per year.

Is it possible to apply for the exhibition with a complete series of works?

It is possible to apply with both complete series of works (up to 10 images) as well as individual works.

Who pays for the transportation of my work?

You must cover all transportation costs if your works are selected for The Censored Exhibition.

Who pays for the printing/framing costs?

You are responsible for all the cost related to the printing/framing if your works are selected for The Censored Exhibition

What does is cost to apply for The Censored Exhibition?

There is an application fee of € 30. This covers an application for up to 10 images, either as a series or as individual works.

Is the exhibitions guarded?

There will be employees present during the festival.

Contest open
25 January 2019
10:59 PM